Sunday, July 14, 2019

Bricks by the Bay - Second Day

This was the first public day. 

Some adjustments were needed in the demos as can be seen here.

There was a lot of traffic at the booth, which restricted my ability to search though the brick piles for needed bricks.  Multiple times there 7-9 year olds asking very hard questions on operation of the Brick Controller and how I constructed the demos.

Explaining to a very bright 7 year old how the Brick Controller worked

Busy Day

Did not get much time to eat so these were very helpful.

Finally here are some short videos from some of the train oriented MOCs

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Bricks by the Bay - First Day

Bricks by the Bay - First Day

This was the second day of setup and the beginning of the convention as can be seen in the next three pictures showing the schedule.

But what do you really do at a Lego convention, besides by product from me.  You look at what everyone else has built and you look though brick piles for those pieces you need. At $10/pound, it is much cheaper than any of the one line sources.

Sold more controllers and USB power sources to vendors who wanted to have automated displays either at their booths or back at their brick and mortar stores.  Finished connecting all of the demos and remembered to bring the tablet for the interactive demo.

Talked to quite a few attendees on how MyMakerTools Brick Controller might help them motorize their projects as well as just power them.  Tomorrow the public shows up, so we will see what happens.

Here are some pictures from the first day.

Last minute fixes
I was very interested in this.  I want to build a large cliffscape for the space station and this will be useful as a guide.
Interesting bar scenee

Small Star Wars fighters
Japanese Swords

Tropical Paradise

City Skylines


Rupaul's Drag Race Winners


Bionnicle Dragon

Door Scene from Monsters Inc

Part of the train layout

Friday, July 12, 2019

Bricks by the Bay - Setup

Well we rolled in at 5PM and setup for this year's Bricks by the Bay, Jul 12-14 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.  

The MOC area setup was well under way when we got there

Only missed a few things in the packout.  Fortunately we live close by, so it was no big deal.

Attendees were already setting up their MOCs

The view from our location
Since we did not have a MOC for display this year, I took three of the pieces from last year and used them.

Setting up connections for the MOC Demo display
Final Setup for MOC Demo
Setting up the interactive display, forgot to bring the tablet though
Even though it was only vendors and attendees with displays, sold one Brick Power 2 unit to a vendor with a motorized display.  He forgot to bring extra AA batteries and his battery pack was already low.  When he saw how the interactive display was powered, he bought one on the spot.

Tomorrow will be for attendees only, then Saturday and Sunday will be open to the Public.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Brick Controller II

I have been slowly studying the layout of the Brick Controller II, looking for subtle errors. I realized I will not have it ready to sell by Bricks by the Bay, I have decided to put more effort into review,

Here is the latest design in 3D.

Here is the top (red) and bottom (blue) layer without the ground fill.  The top layer is prominent. 

I am very close to generating the gerber files and sending it out to fabrication and assembly.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Store Offerings

One thing we have never written about is the online store. 

It can be found here

The store is where you can find all of our inventory that you would normally see at our shows.

Here is our low cost Brick power module.

This is the Brick Controller I and it's power module.

We also have combinations kits where you can purchase different modules together at a discount.  It is a nice way to build up a tool kit for your development.

Finally we do take custom orders for our SoftWear line.  But please no large orders.  Remember that each one of these hand made with extra care.


Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Sunnyvale Electronics Flea Market

Last Saturday we were at the Sunnyvale Electronics Flea Market in the Frys Electronics parking lot.  This used to be at DeAnza College for years, but last year moved to Frys Electronics.

This event is put on by the local ham Radio clubs.  Originally it was a way for them to swap equipment, it was a true swap meet.  Now it is a place for old test equipment, just about anything electronic, tools, and excess computers.  One time a vendor was selling 20 Agilent 3G test stations for $100.  At a minimum they were good spectrum analyzers. This event occurs the second Saturday of the month, March thru September. It starts at 5AM and goes to 12PM, but you can always find early shoppers there at 4:30AM looking for the best deal.  You can learn more about it here

Why are we here? Good question, well as electronics hacker from way back, I have acquired lots of things.  So we are here to sell of excess stuff that I dont want to end up in land fill and to show our MyMakerTools products.

As the first picture shows we have our normal products (except the Soft Wear since this crowd is not really into that).  Also you can see some of the items we are selling as we downsize my collection of goodies from the past 20+ years.

It is an interesting collection of people.  Ham's looking for the right component for their next project, Makers looking for old equipment that they can re-purpose and  hackers with old computers looking for parts to keep them running. It is always interesting talking to people and the projects they are working on.  There are four more flea markets this year and we will probably be at three of them.  The one in July conflicts with Bricks by the Bay, which we will have more about later.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Soft Wear Design

On another side of the creative spectrum, MyMaker Tools also features fun custom handmade fabric creations, what we call Soft Wear. So far, we have comfortable 100% cotton shirts (inspired by aloha shirts), pillowcases, and a child’s quilt. The shirts range from child (S-M-L) to adult (S-M-L-XL).  All shirtshave size and care labels. These items are machine washable in cold water, prefer minimal drying, and reside in a smoke and pet free environment.

The inspiration for these springs from the fabric that we find. We have gears, monsters in gears, circuit boards, brick toy construction characters, robots, and are constantly on the lookout for colorful prints with fun themes. Here are a few examples of our current stock. The shirts are great for Maker events or whenever you want to stand out in a crowd.

Seattle Motif
Brick Builder Motif
Since our fabric inventory is limited, we only have a few samples made up, but can complete your order with short notice.